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vegan & organic

Every - Brown Rope Dog Collar


Vegan & Bio-based


Organic cotton

Recycled fibers


Elevate your four-legged friend's style with our Every rope collar that ensures the perfect everyday look. These collars feature organic cotton rope reinforced with a robust recycled polyester core, ensuring both durability and eco-friendliness, along with the added straps made from a partly bio-based vegan, versatile, and waterproof alternative to animal leather sourced from apple waste in Northern Italy's juice and jam industry. A soft and supple material that offers durability.


• Straps from Peta- approved vegan leather alternative, made from Italian apple waste
• Durable and strong
• Organic and recycled fiber rope, made in Italy
• Braided rope (not twisted)
• Gorgeous color blends
• Softens with use
• Cruelty-free
• Innovative vegan leather, made from Italian apple waste

By Scout's Notes

Could you have guessed that these gems are actually created using an bio-based leather alternative derived from Italian apple waste?

At By Scout, our mission is to proof that amazing looking, high-quality dog products can be both cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.


The production of animal leather is both cruel and environmentally harmful. In today's world, its use is outdated and unnecessary. That's why we opt for versatile, durable, and high-quality vegan alternatives.

The straps of our Every collar are crafted from a partially bio-based alternative to animal leather made from apple waste sourced from Northern Italy's juice and jam industry. It's a soft and supple material that exudes desirability.

Made from

• Rope: recycled polyester and organic cotton
• Staps: 32% apple waste, 34% organic cotton, 34% PU. Lining from recycled plastic bottles
• Superior and light weight solid brass hardware

Certifications & approvals
• PETA approved Vegan
• USDA Bio-preferred approved
• GOTS-certified cotton
• OETEX-certified cotton
• Our solid brass hardware meets the European REACH standards and California PROP 65 requirements.

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Every - Brown Rope Dog Collar


BY SCOUT is your destination for the most desirable and premium vegan products for dogs, made with the least impact on people, the planet, and  animals.

It’s our passion and overwhelming love for dogs,nature, design and conscious manufacturing that lead us to create unique and sustainable products for you and your beloved pooch, over the past eleven years.

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