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Chef L' Bark Adjustable City Leash - Black - By Scout
Chef L' Bark Adjustable City Leash - Black - By Scout
Chef L' Bark Adjustable City Leash - Black - By Scout
Chef L' Bark Adjustable City Leash - Black - By Scout

vegan & organic

Chef L' Bark Adjustable City Leash - Black


Soft touch and light-weight

High-tensile strength

Anti-bacterial properties

Hemp fibers


The Hey Scout adjustable city leash is a crowd favorite! Effortlessly adjust its length for any situation, short for busy areas or long for relaxed strolls. Featuring exclusive designs woven in Italy on soft, sustainable hemp webbing with lightweight solid brass hardware. Our hemp webbing offers antibacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic qualities, drying quickly and being gentle on the skin.

    By Scout's Notes

    Function, ease of use, high-quality, and sustainable materials are non-negotiable; they are fundamental to all the products we create.

    However, what sets our Hey Scout collection apart is its playful, eye-catching nature, that never goes out of style.

    Our graphic patterns and colour combinations always enhance and add that extra special touch to your dog's appearance.


    • Vegan and eco-friendly
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Adjustable to three lengths
    • Multiple snaps and rings for easy adjustment
    • Cross-body wear option
    • Reinforced stitches at stress points
    • Quick-drying
    • Soft on the skin
    • Hemp webbing with antibacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic properties


    At BY SCOUT, we're passionate about incorporating hemp fibers into our products for their remarkable benefits. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers, yet soft. Its minimal environmental impact is unparalleled—it requires less water than cotton and has a rapid growth cycle, reducing cultivation periods. Plus, hemp cultivation enhances soil health and acts as a natural CO2 absorber. As a renewable resource, hemp can be harvested annually, with fewer pesticides and herbicides needed, reducing pollution in soil and water systems.

    Made from

    • Hemp webbing
    • Recycled polyester patterned ribbon
    • Superior solid brass hardware

    Made in Italy and England

    Our solid brass hardware meets the European REACH standards and California PROP 65 requirements

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    Chef L' Bark Adjustable City Leash - Black


    BY SCOUT is your destination for the most desirable and premium vegan products for dogs, made with the least impact on people, the planet, and  animals.

    It’s our passion and overwhelming love for dogs, nature, design and conscious manufacturing that lead us to create unique and sustainable products for you and your beloved pooch, over the past eleven years.

    ( ps: fluffy dog tails get us every time..)

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